Language Solutions for the Department of Defense

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In an increasingly interconnected world, language can mean the difference between success and vulnerability. Are you equipped to translate challenges into solutions?

Translation Solutions

PGLS can translate technical manuals, safety manuals, training materials, contracts, agreements, immigration paperwork, policy documents, intelligence, or any other written  materials your organization needs to distribute and process. In addition to full translation, we also provide editing/proofreading services, gisting/summarization, Machine Translation (MT), Human-Assisted Machine Translation (HAMT), and more.

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Localization Solutions

PGLS can manage the localization of your websites, software, or any web-based content to specific linguistic, cultural, and regional preferences.

Transcription Solutions

Intelligence, media reports, public statements, training sessions, instructional videos, (de)briefings, depositions, court proceedings,… PGLS can transcribe any non-written content for your team so it can be translated or processed accordingly.

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Interpretation Solutions

PGLS provides interpretation in over 200 languages and regional varieties via audio, video, or onsite to facilitate communication between military personnel and foreign counterparts in joint exercises, diplomatic negotiations, international operations, etc.

Language Training Solutions

PGLS provides Language Training in person and/or remote to prepare personnel for international deployments by enhancing their communication skills and cultural competence.

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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

We can provide insights into local sentiment, emerging trends, and potential threats by monitoring foreign news outlets, social media, and online forums.

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