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Businesses that prioritize localization as an integral part of their strategy are most likely to succeed in the global market. Is your business ready to target a multilingual customer base?

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PGLS  provides high-quality and culturally sensitive translation and localization solutions for consumer goods companies in more than 200 languages.

Our team of expert linguists, project managers, and desktop publishing specialists ensure language and cultural accuracy, so your business can communicate effectively with your target audience. We help improve your reputation in the global market, and help avoid costly mistakes. With PGLS, you can confidently enter new markets and build long-lasting relationships with customers from all over the world.

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Website Localization

As one of your most important consumer-facing touchpoints, your website is the foundation of your localization strategy. 9% of the US population speaks English “less than very well”, and they prefer to buy from websites presented in their native language. PGLS ensures your content is properly translated and maintained over time. Our translation process always applies a human touch, to uphold your SEO reputation, and to make sure your web pages are not pushed down the search engine rankings.

Packaging Localization

Packaging is crucial to the customer experience and your ability to sell in the region. If customers are deciding between similar products, 66% of respondents would choose the one with information in their own language. Packaging requirements differ by location, so some products will need different text and language options depending on the country where they’re being sold. Rely on our team of experts to ensure your content stands up to legal scrutiny, and to ensure we meet all safety, health, and environmental protection regulations of your target market.

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Product & User Manual Localization

Product & User Manual Localization

Your product, engineering, and legal teams have devoted time and energy to perfect the language of your user manuals and technical manuals, guiding users through exactly the information they need to have the perfect experience. In these cases, specific word choices make a big difference. Subtle nuances that are lost in translation can have catastrophic outcomes, so it’s important for your localization process to take these details into account. At PGLS, we have a group of translators with the specialization to handle these materials, ensuring that your end-user receives the same experience and guidance no matter what language they speak.

Marketing & Communications Localization

It’s safe to assume that your marketing team has put immeasurable time and effort into the messaging strategy for each product and release. Marketing language is especially susceptible to misinterpretations because of the use of creative language (like metaphors and similes, alliteration, cultural references, slang, and more) that doesn’t always directly translate to the target language. In these cases, a skilled translator is needed to preserve the intent of the language as much as possible, even if that means ignoring the direct translation in favor of a more appropriate cultural alternative.

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Customer Support Localization

75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand again if the customer care experience (customer support) is offered in their own language. However, only 1 in 5 companies supports interpretation for phone conversations. At PGLS, our technology allows call centers to dial in interpreters to speak with customers, live, in their native languages. It’s a helpful way to retain the expertise of existing support staff, communicate the support material successfully, and make the customer feel valued during a critical loyalty-influencing interaction.

Employee-Facing Localization

It’s impossible to hold each employee to the same safety, productivity, and quality standards without communicating in their language of choice. Common examples include incident reports, explanations of HR policies, internal training materials, safety requirements, andmore. These operations should be consistent across markets, and when you have a multilingual workforce, translating the materials is an essential step.

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Consumers are rejecting expansion plans that make localization an afterthought. PGLS has become the preferred language partner for various organizations around the world, including government, healthcare, education, and consumer goods organizations. Leverage our team’s expertise to elevate your organization’s presence on the global stage.

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