Translation Memory QA Report

Improve Translation Quality Cut Translation Costs Reduce Turnaround Time Ensure Consistency Mitigate Risk

When did your team last evaluate the quality of your Translation Memory (TM)? Errors in your TM affect translation quality, project cost, and turnaround time. Get in touch with our team to get your complimentary Translation Memory Quality Assurance report.

Our Translation Memory Quality Assurance Report evaluates your pre-existing translations memories and glossaries to ensure accuracy, consistency, and alignment before we start working on your first translation project. That way, we can identify previous inconsistencies and errors to make sure no valuable time and resources are lost during your first translation project with PGLS.


Assess the quality of pre-existing TMs and glossaries


Identify areas of improvement in the Translation Memory


Validate adherence to linguistic guidelines and standards


Optimize Translation Memory for quality, cost, and speed

TM QA Report Contents

1. Consistency Errors

2. Number Formatting Errors

3. Punctuation and Whitespace Errors

4. Spelling and Grammar Errors

5. Terminology Errors

Maximize the Value of Your Translation Memory

Improve Quality

Identify errors, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies in your translation memory to improve the quality and accuracy of future translations.

Cut Costs

Fewer alignment and terminology errors mean more matches, and more volume discounts, reducing the cost of the overall translation project.

Reduce Turnaround Time

Reduce the time and resources required for manual translation efforts and accelerate project turnaround time. 

Ensure Consistency

Ensure consistency in terminology, style, and linguistic conventions to improve brand identity, user experience, and comprehension across different languages and locales. 

Mitigate Risk

Identify and rectify errors and inconsistencies to mitigate the risk of publishing inaccurate or misleading content, thereby safeguarding your organization’s reputation and credibility. 

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Get Your Complimentary Report

Ready to improve quality, cut costs, and reduce turnaround times? It starts by evaluate your existing translation memories and glossaries. Get in touch with our team below to start the process.

*Complimentary TM QA report is offered for one language only