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English Learners (ELs) are the fastest-growing student population in the United States. Is your school district prepared to meet their language needs?

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At PGLS, we provide high-quality translation and interpretation services for K-12 and higher education in more than 200 languages and regional varieties.

We understand the challenges educators face in providing language support to their community of learners with limited English proficiency (LEP). With approximately 5 million English Learners spread across the U.S., the need for educational institutions in all school districts to prioritize language access is growing as fast as LEP populations. Our education experts will work alongside you to develop and implement a language access plan to optimize your organization’s resources and ensure that you provide the best possible services to your students.

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Language Access Planning in Education

Language access plans not only enable school districts to support English Learners to succeed academically, but also to create an inclusive environment that respects students’ linguistic backgrounds and enables them and their parents/guardians to fully participate in the educational process. Rather than being a burden for schools, this represents a tremendous opportunity to increase engagement, improve academic results, and drive student growth across a school district.

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Multilingual Resources & Communication

According to the U.S. Department of Education, “public schools must ensure that EL students can participate meaningfully and equally in educational programs.” This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Enrollment and registration paperwork
  • Welcome packs & parent handbooks
  • Course descriptions & syllabi
  • Special education and related services
  • Notes for IEP/504 planning
  • Student performance reports and report cards
  • Multilingual direct mail campaigns
  • Test materials, including grade-level and college admission standardized tests
  • Student discipline policies and grievance procedures
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Language Access Self-Assessment

We understand the impact that language access planning can have on student engagement, growth, social emotional learning, and academic achievement. If creating an inclusive educational environment for English learners and their families is a priority for your district, this tool will help you identify areas of improvement.

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Championing Language Access

Mark Byrne, Language Access Consultant

With extensive experience in both the language services industry and the education industry, Mark has dedicated his career to speaking up for those who can’t. As a champion for language access, Mark helps schools develop and implement language access plans to create a more equitable and inclusive society for all.

Unlock the Potential of Your EL Population.

PGLS is the preferred language partner for schools around the country. Our team of experts is prepared to work alongside you to develop and implement a language access plan to optimize your resources and ensure you provide the best possible educational experience to your students and their parents/guardians.

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