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How do you make your products relevant in multiple languages and markets? Partner with PGLS to implement a comprehensive language strategy to achieve growth on a global scale.

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PGLS provides high-quality and easy-to-integrate translation, localization and interpreting solutions for technology companies in over 200 languages.

When scaling products and services internationally, language cannot be an afterthought. Whether you’re looking to translate product manuals or marketing materials, localize websites or software, or provide multilingual customer support, partnering with the right language service provider is key to achieving growth on a global scale. As your strategic language partner, PGLS ensures our integrated language solutions scale alongside your suite of products and services.

Translation Solutions

PGLS has the resources and expertise to meet and exceed your translation requirements. From user manuals to marketing materials to customer support, we partner with translation experts that have in-depth subject matter knowledge of every sector in the technology industry. Click here to learn more about our translation solutions.

Technology Translation Services
Software Localization Services

Localization Solutions

PGLS has the ability to localize any web-based content (including websites, software, and eLearning modules) and tailor it to specific linguist, cultural, and regional preferences. Provide your customers, employees, or partners with a best-in-class experience in any international market. Click here to learn more about our localization solutions.

Interpreting Solutions

Rely on our professional interpreters to communicate effectively with multilingual internal and external stakeholders. Uphold HR standards across your global workforce, regardless of their native language, and provide critical live customer support to your multilingual customer base. Click here to learn more about our interpreting solutions.

Technology Interpreting Services

Expand Market Reach & Drive Global Growth.

When preparing to expand into new markets, it is crucial to consider language as part of your global growth strategy. From translation to localization to interpreting, PGLS provides the language solutions you need to achieve sustainable and scalable growth on an international scale. Schedule a consultation with our language experts today to get started.

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