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Bridge Language and Cultural Gaps: Comprehensive Language Access Services for Government Organizations

PGLS is the go-to partner for government organizations looking to provide comprehensive language access. With over 200 languages and regional varieties available, our professional linguists offer translation and interpretation services for documents, meetings, and events. Our services help you comply with language access mandates while promoting equity and understanding of different cultures. In addition to our translation and interpretation experts, we provide language training and assessment services, ensuring your organization has the resources and skills needed to communicate with individuals of diverse backgrounds. 

Our full suite of language services provides everything you are looking for in a partner to help you succeed. Clear and accurate translation and interpretation to all communities can have lasting benefits from increased federal funding, improved public safety, and even the expansion of government services. We know the importance of accuracy and compliance for government organizations, and our highly experienced team is devoted to delivering these services to the highest standards. With our commitment to excellence, PGLS is the only choice for your translation, interpretation, and language training needs, for federal, state, and local government agencies.

Reduce risk and increase opportunities by bridging language and cultural gaps

Strict quality control processes and secure technology to ensure accuracy and compliance

Superior service from an experienced team dedicated to delivering translation and interpretation services to the highest standards