Marketing Translation

Your marketing team has worked hard to develop your messaging strategy. When expanding into multilingual markets, you need to make sure your brand messaging does not get lost in translation. We understand the importance of accurate, consistent, and culturally appropriate marketing messaging.

At PGLS, we have the linguistic and cultural expertise to tailor your precious content to specific markets. From one-off translation projects to ongoing website localization, partner with PGLS to ensure your content resonates with audiences around the globe. Are you ready for the global marketplace?

Types of Marketing Translation

Types of Marketing Translation Image
  • Advertising copy
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Email campaigns
  • Multimedia content
  • Press releases and PR materials
  • Product packaging and labels
  • SEO translation
  • Social media content
  • Website localization

Translating marketing materials requires careful consideration of linguistic nuances, cultural sensitivities, and target audiences to effectively convey brand messages and drive conversions in multilingual markets.

Marketing Translation Services

Quality Translators

All translators have gone through our rigorous recruitment and vetting process

Industry Expertise

Translators with industry-specific expertise to ensure accurate translation

Quick Turnaround Time

Get your content translated promptly without compromising quality

Quality Control Process

Comprehensive, certified, multi-step quality control process

Centralized Workflow

Streamlined, efficient, and cloud-based translation management system

ISO Compliance

Our quality management system (QMS) is compliant with ISO 17100:2015

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