Language Solutions for Non-Profits

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Language barriers should not hinder your ability to serve your community. Partner with PGLS to bridge language gaps and fully engage with your multilingual beneficiaries and donors.

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PGLS provides high-quality translation, localization, and interpreting solutions for non-profit organizations in over 200 languages and regional varieties.

We partner closely with organizations that offer critical support to limited English proficient (LEP) speakers. Whether your nonprofit offers social services, healthcare, or legal aid, we can help your organization communicate effectively with individuals of diverse backgrounds. PGLS provides translation, localization, and interpreting services to ensure total understanding between your staff and the local communities you serve.

united states residents speak a language other than english at home
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united states counties is home to 1,000 or more LEP residents
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Translation Solutions for Non-Profits

From donor outreach to press releases and surveys, PGLS has more than a decade of experience in providing high-quality non-profit and NGO translation services. Rely on our translation experts to ensure your message is tailored to the linguistic and cultural preferences of your multilingual beneficiaries and donors. Click here to learn more about our translation solutions.

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Localization Solutions for Non-Profits

PGLS has the ability to localize any web-based content and tailor it to specific linguistic, cultural, and regional preferences. With our integrated and hands-off localization solutions, we can translate your English website in real-time so you can reach a broader audience. Click here to learn more about our localization solutions.

Interpreting Solutions for Non-Profits

PGLS offers onsite and remote interpreting services so you can connect with your multilingual beneficiaries and donors in real-time. When your staff is out in the field engaging with local community members, PGLS interpreters are just a few taps away to ensure caring and effective communication. Click here to learn more about our interpreting solutions.

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Empower Your Multilingual Communities.

PGLS is passionate about transforming and strengthening the communities we work and live in. With over a decade of experience serving non-profit organizations, we’ve learned the most effective ways to connect and engage with multilingual beneficiaries and donors. Schedule a consultation with one of our language experts to learn how we can help you reach your goals.

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