Government Document Translation – What Is It and How Is It Done?

Government Document Translation – What Is It and How Is It Done - Blog Post Featured Image

With the world getting smaller day by day, it’s no wonder that government document translation is becoming even more important. And, it’s not just internal communication between foreign nations – citizens who may not necessarily be proficient in the country’s language rely on the government for all different kinds of information. So, how is it all handled and how can LSPs like ourselves help?

Government Document Translation Requires Expertise

Not just anyone can translate for the government. Depending on which agency you’re translating for, there may be certain requirements and regulations. For example, some translators are required to have a security clearance, whereas others may need a different kind of expertise, such as military/defense, economics, or open-source intelligence. It is important that your translation provider understands all of these varying requirements so they can pick the right kind of team for your project.

You’ll Need A Wide Array of Languages

With government document translation, you’re going to need a wide array of languages. You can’t just rely on languages like Spanish to get you by. You might need indigenous languages,  such as Quechua and Guarani, or Middle and Far Eastern languages like Khmer or Farsi. Trying to find professional, qualified resources for some of these languages can be tough, but they can be sourced by reputable and experienced firms.

What Types of Services are Needed?

From translating government health materials to dealing with court issues, there are so many different needs for government document translation services. Immigration is an area that has a huge need for multilingual documentation services, where translators are under a great deal of pressure. One mistranslation could be the difference between someone being denied their visa/asylum, which is why quality is so vital. Then you’ve got the likes of business law, international diplomacy, and everything else related to international development.


While there are many different agencies out there who specialize in government document translation services, we’re able to offer a wide array of services in all major world languages, including many of the extremely low-density languages mentioned above. Moreover, while we specialize in document translation, we can help with interpreting, language analysts, and even language training classes, meaning we’re truly your “one-stop-shop” for all things language-related.